Nowadays, there are many ways to meet other solo travellers. There is the Internet, meetings with mutual friends, colleagues at work, and just a pleasant combination of circumstances. But there is a special kind of dating that may change your life – you can meet girls while traveling. The main thing is a desire and […]

Traveling is a very great thing if you want to spend quality time with your romantic partner. It helps you to learn new things and get new emotions. However, sooner or later, you and your romantic partner will have children. What then? Needless to say that children require more attention and care. Thus, you won’t […]

If folks think about Romania, they often only consider gypsies and Dracula, but there’s far more the nation than that. I didn’t have a clue what to expect when I seen (hopefully a great deal of vampire things) and discovered Romania to be a lot more amazing than I ever envisioned. I really like the […]