Best Ways to Meet Girls While Traveling

Nowadays, there are many ways to meet other solo travellers. There is the Internet, meetings with mutual friends, colleagues at work, and just a pleasant combination of circumstances. But there is a special kind of dating that may change your life – you can meet girls while traveling. The main thing is a desire and an internal readiness for acquaintance and new meetings. In this article, we want to give you tips on how to meet people on vacation.

Dating while traveling: how does this happen?

“How do you travel alone and aren’t you bored?” – these are the most frequently asked questions. For some reason, it seems to many that if people go on a solo trip, then either they have no friends at all or no one wants to go with them. In reality, you still need to try very hard to stay alone with yourself because there are so many new and interesting people around! This is one of the reasons why everyone needs to try a solo journey at least once in their life. Many people go on vacation just to relax. But some go to other cities and even countries to meet people overseas. They will have a good time and maybe will find their love. What could be better?

Going on vacation, girls dream of meeting a beautiful stranger who will fall in love and take them away, and single men, excited by the abundance of beautiful women, strive not to miss the opportunity to find the best girls to marry. On vacation, everything is perceived differently than in the hustle and bustle of everyday life – with a certain amount of romanticism and delight: the sun shines brighter, life seems more colorful, richer, and you want to feel its fullness, dream, fall in love, and commit follies. A significant advantage of such a way of dating is that people are mostly not distracted by other things, don’t think about work and everyday life, they are almost not busy. So, this is a great chance.

Main travel dating rules

To do everything right and meet people to travel with, you need to follow the rules. And here are the main ones:

  1. Medical insurance

What are the things to do while tripping alone? First of all, be careful! There is nothing more important than your safety, especially if you are meeting a person in an unfamiliar place. Upon arrival in a foreign country, you need to insure yourself. Medical insurance is very important. Anything can happen.

  • No fear

Looking for friends to travel with, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s better to just look at the interlocutor’s reaction and adjust your behavior, focusing on it. A great tool that opens any door to communication is a sense of humor. After communication, there should be a pleasant “aftertaste”!

  • Communication specifics

Flirtation with the other sex is highly appropriate. A short phrase about love for the country of her residence can be a universal way of expressing attraction for the girl. A request to take a picture together is often perceived pleasantly. By the way, this may lead to the exchange of contacts for sending photos.

How to find a date while traveling

For people who can’t find love in their home city or even country, there is a great opportunity to expand the boundaries of their search. You can meet people travelling to other places.

  1. Use apps

If you have a smartphone (which is most likely), then for sure, you have downloaded Tinder and the like.  These services allow you to meet new people. Many met a lot of new friends and acquaintances there. Application settings help you adjust your geolocation and the program will offer you to find other solo travellers in a radius accessible to you.

  • Don’t be afraid to act like a tourist

How to make friends while traveling solo? Be curious and ask questions; this is a great way to start a casual conversation. Go on group excursions. It is best to choose small tours conducted by locals. Ask the guide about life in this region and about everything that interests you. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals what you can see or where to go. People are usually willing to answer questions if you are friendly.

  • Learn English

It happens that the language barrier gives communication piquancy, even certain closeness. If you want to meet other travellers, you should understand them almost without words. But such cases are the exception rather than the rule. And only the most successful and impressive men can start a conversation that will then grow into something more without a minimum vocabulary. Therefore, you need to know at least English to communicate with a foreign girl.

  • Study other culture

Even though there is a tendency to integrate, differences in people’s thoughts and habits still remain. What is good for you is bad for others, and vice versa. Traveling alone in Europe or any other part of the globe, it is necessary to have at least a general idea of the country, customs, gender relations, values, and interests of local people. Otherwise, you can run into misunderstandings and make mistakes that will spoil the communication that has just begun.

  • Offer your help

How to meet people while traveling? Well, perhaps some nice woman will be a less experienced traveler and you can tell her where to buy souvenirs, how to rent a car, and so on. Show compassion and ingenuity and help the girl, at the same time, not forgetting to use the male charms. After that, you may go somewhere together.

Dating while traveling: what are the risks?

Unfortunately, while traveling, we don’t always come across good and honest fellow travelers, many criminals see gullible tourists as their easy prey. Therefore, keep a minimum of cash with you, and put credit cards in a separate place. Remember about pickpockets and scammers and don’t agree to drink alcohol, even if people seem kind.

You need to be careful not to pick up some sexually transmitted diseases. Be sure to use a condom and generally be very careful when dealing with strangers.

Love, unfortunately, is unlikely to be found while traveling. Therefore, don’t treat such romance seriously. Don’t wait for feelings and don’t get upset if a woman suddenly disappears without even leaving a phone number. But a woman may be annoying and, on the contrary, will want a further relationship, and you will not. And then you will think about how to break up so as not to offend the person. So, don’t give her your contacts (home address or phone number). The maximum you can share is an email or Skype address.

Main dating tips for frequent travelers

Summer, the sea, the sun, the beach – reading these words, the thought of dating, kisses, and romance immediately comes in mind. It doesn’t matter whether you are alone on vacation or with friends, if you are determined to spend time perfectly and have a specific goal, don’t waste time in vain. So, how to attract a girl’s attention and interest her?

  1. Hide your internal bodyguard

People travel in order to try something unusual, something new. Relax and be open to new acquaintances and then you will definitely be able to meet people all over the world. Who knows, maybe this will turn into a relationship? And you don’t mind dating some beautiful foreign girl, right?

  • Talk to strangers

…not just with the staff at the hotel where you stayed. Any stranger can be a potential girlfriend. Think of a reason to talk to her, for example, tell a girl that you are here for the first time and don’t know where to go. After she advises you a couple of interesting places, invite her to go there together.

  • Say “Yes!”

How to meet people when traveling? We travel not only to spend a week in another place. Traveling is what happens to us along the way. “Yes” is a magic word that will allow you to gain a new experience. If a beautiful girl offers you to try something new or go on an excursion, don’t refuse. This can be a great start of your new relationship.

  • Try a universal method

Psychologists say that people enjoy the sound of their name. In any case, when you call a woman by name, you show respect and attention to her. When speaking with foreigners, the pronunciation of the name of the interlocutor is often difficult. It is advisable to try to do this as cleanly as possible, which naturally causes gratitude and a good attitude.

  • Be active

If you like the girl in the cafe, you can order a drink and then ask her to join you. If she likes you, you will immediately notice her attitude to the conversation and the offer of a further meeting. Try to participate more in excursions, which often become a place for dating, and don’t forget about discos and entertainment events.

So, how to find people to travel with? All you need is the desire and a little effort. Don’t be afraid to take the first step. After all, dating while traveling is no different from dating in your hometown: you need to be active and open but don’t forget about your safety.